Joe Lowry: “Argentina will take a very good share of lithium’s future demand”


Joe Lowry, the global specialist and founder of Global Lithium LCC, was interviewed by PANORAMA MINERO. Lowry analyzed the global market and the insertion of Argentina as a power in the matter: “A few years ago, the frequent question was whether the electric car market was going to develop. Today, this question has already been answered and the question remains is to know how big the penetration of these vehicles will be in the market: will it reach 5% or 10%? This is what you have to take into account”. Lowry also affirmed that “to reach the demand figures by 2025 will require a capital investment for a total of US$ 10-US$20 billion. And, if the deadlines are considered, there must be an important figure already invested by 2021-22, so that the projects are in maximum production by 2025.”

You can access to the full interview by clicking on the following link

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