III International Seminar Metallic Minerals in the Argentine Republic

Nov 21 & 22, 2018, Sheraton Hotel, Buenos Aires


Gold | Silver | Copper | Zinc | Lead | Iron | Tin | Molybdenum | Vanadium | Rare Earth Elements | Uranium


All along the Argentine territory there are metalliferous mineral reserves representing a significant attractive to world mining actors; yet this is not sufficient today. More than two decades of local mining development have risen the expectation horizon and resources are turning into the bases on which a new phase in Argentine mining must be founded.

This is one of the strongest reasons why this preparation period is significant towards determining the challenges to be conquered for us to become a mining power in the region.

Investment promotion actions from state agencies, conferring predictability for any venture, and a price increase for certain minerals like silver and gold are excellent signs of an upcoming industry reactivation.

A State policy to promote the industry’s development, by not only attracting traditional investments but generating new strategies such as the creation of mutual funds and their subsequent management. Supplier development and the tools available to this end, social license and community relations as well as environment management actions and communications are some of the main challenges for the new era.

We, at PANORAMA MINERO, believe this is an ideal moment to rethink Argentina’s reality and potential, and the ways for it to become an actual growth driver. For all these reasons we are organizing the III Seminar on Metal Minerals in the Argentine Republic.

More info at http://mineriametalifera.com.ar/en/home/

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