Neo Lithium Continues Drilling High Grade Lithium at Significant Depths with Positive Porosity Results at 3Q Project

Neo Lithium Corp. reported drill geochemical, and porosity results from its ongoing drilling program at the Tres Quebradas lithium brine project (“3Q Project”) in Catamarca Province.

The main target of the 3Q Project until now has been known as the Northern Target, an area originally identified by surface sampling with an average lithium concentration of 895 mg/L and potassium concentration of 7,694 mg/L, and very low critical impurities, that extends over an area covering 4 km by 14 km.

On February 28, 2017, the Company issued a news release providing an update concerning drill results outside the Northern Target, over areas with low lithium content on surface but with significant lithium grades at depth (192 metres with 528 mg/L lithium and 4,797 mg/L potassium with a ratio of Mg/Li=2.6 and Sulfate/Li=0.63). Following these results, the Company extended the drill program south of the Northern Target, defining a new Southern Target with four more platforms and eight holes to be drilled at approximately 300 metres depth. The purpose of this news release is to provide results from another drill hole in the Northern Target and another in the Southern Target.

Results continue to show the impressive nature of this unique salar -virtually the entire salar complex contains high grade lithium, not just the Northern Target where we had initially concentrated our efforts due to surface results,” said Constantine Karayannopoulos, Chairman of Neo Lithium.The footprint of the high-grade lithium bearing area has dramatically increased from the original 1,820 ha of the Northern Target to approximately 6,897 ha of the combination of the Northern and the Southern Targets and is proving to be very deep. All of this is very good news and should have a significant positive impact on the resource estimation expected to be released in the second quarter of this year“.

Measured porosity results in the salar show very clearly that the 3Q Project has a very porous upper aquifer with ranges of minimum porosity in a lab-size sample from 8% to 22%. These values confirm the pump test results,” said Dr. Waldo Perez, President and CEO of Neo Lithium. The deeper aquifer, on the other hand, shows porosity values as high as 14% below 100 metres of depth — these values are extraordinary compared to other salars and show the significant potential of the 3Q Project at depth. The combination of higher lithium grades and high porosity values at depth has further strengthened our belief that we have discovered an exceptional lithium deposit.”

Neo Lithium Corp. is quickly becoming a prominent new name in lithium brine exploration by virtue of its quality 3Q Project and experienced team. Already well capitalized, Neo Lithium is rapidly advancing its newly discovered 3Q Project — a unique high-grade lithium brine lake and salar complex in the Latin America’s Lithium Triangle.

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