PANORAMA MINERO is the eldest and most important Mining magazine in Argentina. It has been covering the national and international mining sector for over 44 years, on a monthly uninterrupted basis.

If you want to know more about the mining industry of Argentina, and also look for investment opportunities PANORAMA MINERO is your partner of choice. You can find more information and also download our latest issue by clicking on the following link:

PANORAMA MINERO also invites you to follow us on the following link

Argentine Mining Compendium

This is the most complete information and Argentine mining investigation that Panorama Minero has been editing since 1990. I you wish to know about the mining companies operating in Argentina as well as an geological overview per province, we invite you to open the following link:

Also, PANORAMA MINERO is one of the most relevant mining exhibition and seminars organizers in Argentina and also internationally.

Our most important events are the following:

San Juan, Key mining development factor – The most important international mining exhibition in Argentina where you can find all mining companies operating in this country. At this expo you can contact all mining companies’ players operating in Argentina and regionally, also goods and services suppliers companies. In parallel, the exhibition has a diversified programme including geological potential, mining law, new technologies and applications, innovation in the industry, and the update of the most relevant operations and projects conferences. You will find all information related to this exhibition by clicking on the following link:

Lithium in South America Region – The Lithium Golden Triangle in South America –Argentina, Bolivia and Chile- and also growing players like Peru and Brazil are covered in this traditional event organized by PANORAMA MINERO since 2013 This seminar has grown to become the most relevant in the region, in parallel to the increasing demand over last years, and also the need to fill the gap between demand and supply. Argentina has become one of the key players in the industry, with 2 producing mines and 1 project in construction stage. Also, there is a frenetic exploration activity around three provinces located in northwestern Argentina, where lithium is hosted in salars, and also lithium is present in rock type minerals in other provinces, but in less developed stages. In the following link you will find all information to be present in a well-known international seminar:

Argentina Gold, Silver & Copper – A traditional event covering the gold and silver sector in Argentina. Now, in its’ 15° edition, PANORAMA MINERO will include copper as one of the most relevant minerals in the near term. Argentina has developed a substantial mining base around precious metals since the ‘90s, but copper has grown steadily in last years. At this moment,
Argentina has six projects, ranked among the biggest undeveloped copper deposits worldwide. In the following link you will find all information to be present in a well-known international seminar:

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